What its like to be a volunteer with The Small Steps Project.

Becoming a Volunteer

I’ve been a volunteer at Small Steps now for around 3 years. I first came to Small Steps just thinking it was something to do with my time.  I was sick of just existing and not living, one of my favourite statements was just because “I’m breathing does not mean I’m living”.  From the first day I walked in to Small Steps the calm supportive atmosphere had me hooked they made me feel I was capable of anything and even if I was having a bad day the staff and clients always made me feel better. I learnt and developed new skills and a passion for mental health and helping others. Small Steps does not just change the life of clients but also its volunteers, giving the tools and confidence to move forward. Thanks to Small Steps I am completely hooked and am now studying psychology with counselling, they have changed my life, and I’m forever grateful for them helping me find my path in life.