Meg’s Blog

My name is Megan Tudor and I am an associate trustee for Rekindle’s Small Steps Project. I began as a client of the project when abuse was identified in my family home. I had to leave home and faced the difficulty of finding a roof over my head. Diane and Kemal worked tirelessly to help me and although they came across many difficulties they never gave up on me. I was in a very dark place and tried to end my life on a daily basis; I couldn’t find a reason to carry on. I went from living in a horrific environment to only having the clothes on my back and no roof over my head. I was also suffering from an eating disorder and refused to eat or drink anything. The Small Steps Project was the only organisation that recognised there was abuse and actually listened. I had seen CAMHS, 16+ team, social workers and spent a year in a psychiatric hospital and none of them listened to what I was saying. Diane and Kemal let me have as much time as I needed and listened to every word I said and actually did something about it. I was supported on a daily basis to stay alive on top of trying to find stable accommodation.

I was supported by the Small Steps Project to find a reason to live, gain tools to cope and to slowly overcome my eating disorder. They helped me to get back into education and I finally started to feel like I was breaking free from the chains that held me back for so many years. I was no longer walking down the narrow lonely corridors of hospitals or dancing with my demons. I am now living my dream, halfway through my qualification, working part time and offering support to the other clients of the Small Steps Project.