Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles Programme explanation; Diet (cookery) & Fitness.

Along the way we have developed a greater understanding of how multi cultured our local society is. We have made new friends and built on these relationships, supplied meals when young people have had no money or nothing to eat. It has expanded people’s understanding, influencing healthier choices and last but not least there has been plenty of fun.



Young Peoples Quotes observations;


“Mental Health can prevent me having a healthy lifestyle it affects me by a lack of motivation”


“Medication adds to my weight and can make exercise more difficult”


“It’s definitely worth it, good practical skill and I feel Healthier”


“It was good to do something new it was fun and it was nice to be part of a group”


“Once the programme ends I would like to continue to go to classes at the sports centre”


“Previously I would just stay at home watch TV now I am out two nights a week getting fit”


“Spinning has got a lot easier than at the very beginning”


“I notice you get an adrenaline rush after exercise”


“I go to spinning I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this before, friends have noticed a difference in me I am a happier person”


“Talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to we have developed a bond as a spinning group I felt we supported and encouraged each other”


“It’s a shame it’s ended so quickly, because I had got into a routine”


“I felt physically and mentally stronger just lifting shopping or things around the house it felt a lot easier were previously I would have struggled”


“I have changed my ways of living I am eating healthier now, by trying to think differently about food”


“When living on your own it’s a challenge at times to motivate yourself to cook by going to healthy eating it has given me new ideas I really enjoyed learning how to make couscous salad and trying new things I hadn’t tasted before”


“Not having a financial income to support memberships is a barrier, it’s quite expensive and money is a big part of doing fitness classes.


“I have learnt that what you eat and drink before exercise is important”


“Previously I sat in my flat ate fatty foods and didn’t socialise”


“The Healthy Eating Programme has inspired me to eat healthier and to try recipes from other cultures”


“I have learnt the importance of eating healthier”


“It was great fun socialising whilst cooking and eating a meal as a group”


“We learnt how to make our ingredients go further and how to cook on a budget”


“I am a volunteer at Small Steps and being part of this Healthy Lifestyles Programme meant I got to know the clients differently and as the weeks went we developed stronger bonds”.


“As a volunteer producing the healthy Lifestyles booklet it felt like a huge accomplishment,


“On seeing other young people using the booklet it gave me a huge sense of pride”