Meg’s Blog

My name is Megan Tudor and I am an associate trustee for Rekindle’s Small Steps Project. I began as a client of the project when abuse was identified in my family home. I had to leave home and faced the difficulty of finding a roof over my head. Diane and Kemal worked tirelessly to help me and although they came across many difficulties they never gave up on me. I was in a very dark place and tried to end my life on a daily basis; I couldn’t find a reason to carry on. I went from living in a horrific environment to only having the clothes on my back and no roof over my head. I was also suffering from an eating disorder and refused to eat or drink anything. The Small Steps Project was the only organisation that recognised there was abuse and actually listened. I had seen CAMHS, 16+ team, social workers and spent a year in a psychiatric hospital and none of them listened to what I was saying. Diane and Kemal let me have as much time as I needed and listened to every word I said and actually did something about it. I was supported on a daily basis to stay alive on top of trying to find stable accommodation.

I was supported by the Small Steps Project to find a reason to live, gain tools to cope and to slowly overcome my eating disorder. They helped me to get back into education and I finally started to feel like I was breaking free from the chains that held me back for so many years. I was no longer walking down the narrow lonely corridors of hospitals or dancing with my demons. I am now living my dream, halfway through my qualification, working part time and offering support to the other clients of the Small Steps Project.

What its like to be a volunteer with The Small Steps Project.

Becoming a Volunteer

I’ve been a volunteer at Small Steps now for around 3 years. I first came to Small Steps just thinking it was something to do with my time.  I was sick of just existing and not living, one of my favourite statements was just because “I’m breathing does not mean I’m living”.  From the first day I walked in to Small Steps the calm supportive atmosphere had me hooked they made me feel I was capable of anything and even if I was having a bad day the staff and clients always made me feel better. I learnt and developed new skills and a passion for mental health and helping others. Small Steps does not just change the life of clients but also its volunteers, giving the tools and confidence to move forward. Thanks to Small Steps I am completely hooked and am now studying psychology with counselling, they have changed my life, and I’m forever grateful for them helping me find my path in life.         



Domestic Abuse Awareness Video

A number of young people from The Small Steps Project were involved in a Domestic Abuse research Project with Calan D.V.S.  This project was carried out to educate and influence peoples views on domestic abuse from the perspective of young people and their own experiences of accessing front line services. The video is a culmination of a lot of commitment and  hard work by all those involved.  The Video is now being used by domestic violence services to educate young people in schools through out Powys.


“Mountains” – by a young person involved in the Small Steps Project

“I am an 18 year old living in Newtown! To everyone else I come across as an always happy, bubbly person. However, even people like this may only be acting. I am on the road of recovery so I am very lucky but I only have achieved this by pushing myself and coming to Small Steps which was the best thing I ever did.My life has been and is a journey just like anyone else’s just there has been mountains for me to climb. At first I found them too high but it didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop anyone else either. I now have to keep climbing these mountains and yes, even now some mountains may grow in front of me, trying to stop me on my path, but I know the best thing for me to do is not let it knock me back or put me down just climb it. I’m not saying it will be easy but with the right support and positive thinking it is possible. I know positive thinking is very hard as I struggle myself to keep positive but I know I am getting the support I need to work on this with Small Steps and anyone else that needs help should go to them too. So no matter how big or small your mountains are you can climb them and get to the other side of them. To cope with these mountains I find things to do such as:

  • Drawing.
  • Singing.
  • Covering my walls in happy quotes to look at when I wake up.
  • Also the main one – surrounding yourself with positive people.”